Safety measures - Covid 19

Persons affected by the Activity - Staff, Children, Parents/Guardians

• Gymnasts should come in their gear as no changing facilities will be open

 • Training sessions to be reduced to a minimum number

• Parents to use a drop off and collect system. Parents will not be allowed inside the gym whilst training is taking place. Coaches will sign gymnasts out after sessions. Viewing areas are closed

• Sanitizing of equipment will take place before/after  sessions

• Children will not be allowed to train if any of their family members are in self isolation. Children will be lined up and given hand sanitizer for their hands after the session ends

• All equipment will be cleaned equipment (hoops, balls, ribbon sticks - a suitable cleaner is available that will not ruin fabrics)

• Mats (if used) will be wiped down after every session

• Every handle will be cleaned and doors kept open where possible so no one needs to use handles – push pads to open the doors in the gym

• Antibacterial wipes/spray will be used on surfaces where needed  Staff, Children Parents


• Good hygiene practice in place

• Tissues available

• Hand wash sanitizers available for use

• Bins (for used tissues etc.) are available

• Cough and sneeze into the crook of their elbow and use a separate bathroom if possible


Identification of potential infection - Staff, Children, Parents/Guardians

• Cough

• Fever

• Shortness of breath

• Sore Throat

• Isolation area available to accommodate person/s

• Session will be cancelled, and the risk assessment reviewed

• No participation by any child should any family member in the household be self-isolating

Returning from a category 1 country - Staff, Children, Parents/Guardians

• Category 1 Countries Travelers should self-isolate, even if asymptomatic, and use the 111 online COVID 19 service to find out what to do next. Go home or to your destination and then self-isolate.

• Category 2 Countries Travelers do not need to undertake any special measures, but if they develop symptoms, they should self-isolate and call NHS 111.

PPE and signage

• Face masks: will be available for coaches (staff) if needed

• Gloves: gloves are not necessary for use in the building. Users are encouraged to use effective hand washing instead of glove wearing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 except in exceptional circumstances like a first aid emergency.

• Signage / posters displayed to communicate hygiene and social distancing rules

Emergencies in the building creating hazards that are not dealt with appropriately

• Although maintaining social distance is hugely important in preventing the spread of COVID- 19, users are expected to act appropriately during an emergency at the gym. For example, in a fire evacuation where safety is compromised due to the fire, the 2m distance would not be enforced.