About Rhythmic Gymnastics 

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a sport discipline that combines grace, artistry, dance, coordination and flexibility with the accompaniment of music, the gymnast perform a routine using rhythmic gymnastics apparatus like: rope, hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon.

The handling of apparatus whilst performing complex pivots, balances, leaps and contortionist like movements are characteristic trademarks of this intriguing discipline of gymnastics.

Providing participation opportunities for individuals or groups, rhythmic gymnastics is the perfect sport for those with a love for dance and movement to music and where personality and expression can be supported with the use of an apparatus.

Moreover some things rhythmic gymnastics will enhance:

  • Agility as well as coordination for body awareness and balance

  • Development of confidence in body movement and good posture

  • Development of  healthy bodies and minds for now and later in life

  • Increase of strength and flexibility which helps to prepare the body for life challenges

  • Enhancement of creativity as well as building self confidence

Rhythmic gymnastics can be enjoyed by girls and young women who have a competitive mind and are ready to train and develop their skills with the ultimate goal of participating in competitions. Once gymnasts have undergone the required rhythmic gymnastics training, skills can be developed by the gymnasts and this can be of immense value during rhythmic gymnastics competitions


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