Rules, Obligations & Policies 


We ask that the following important rules be adhered to:



  1.  Gymnasts must hold  a valid British Gymnastics membership

  2.  Gymnasts will have a clean and tidy uniform at all times

  3.  Gymnasts will provide their own Rhythmic Gymnastics equipment (rope, hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon)

  4.  Hair must be tied back securely, preferably in a bun

  5.  No jewellery to be worn

  6.  Only bottled water is allowed in the gym - no fizzy drinks, food or chewing gum is allowed

  7.  Gymnasts will inform club/coach of any illness/injuries in the first instance and in any case prior to any training session(s)

  8.  Gymnasts will follow coaches’ instructions and behave in appropriate manner before, during and after sessions

  9.  Gymnast will respect the club coaches, officials and fellow gymnasts

  10.  We strongly recommend full attendance to all gymnast as new skills are taught  in each session

  11.  For safety and security reasons gymnasts will not be allowed to leave the premises without permission of the Head Coach




  1. Parents/Guardians need to ensure that their child has had a drink and been to the toilet before the start of the session to minimize disruption.

  2. Parents/Guardians must bring and collect their child or children to and from session(s) and/or events promptly at designated time(s).

  3. It is the Parents/Guardians responsibility to inform staff of any special medical conditions.

  4. Parents/Guardians will inform the club of any changes in medical conditions as soon as they are aware of the changes

  5. Parents/Guardians should not pressure their children or offer coaching advice

  6. Should you have any queries about our service; please turn to the club’s Welfare Officer or email or


The club will not tolerate any abuse, bullying or threatening behaviour towards coaches and any members of our staff.




  1. Coaches/teachers will follow Health & Safety rules and will provide  safe environment for the participants at all times

  2. Coaches/teachers will outline and create a clear  pathway through simple and comprehensible instructions in a clear and understandable manner

  3. Coaches/teachers will never leave participants unsupervised under any circumstances

  4. Coaches/teachers will be allowed to correct participants in learning techniques during training session by using supporting methods regulated by British Gymnastics

  5. Limited physical contact by the coach/teacher is made with particular awareness of the needs of each individual, to assist the gymnast in correcting placement.

  6. Coaches/teachers will not accompany unrelated children to their home or place of residence

  7. It will be acceptable for the coaches/teachers will be allowed to use appropriate level of verbal direction if they deem it necessary to avoid accidents and minimize injuries

  8. The club ensure that appropriate and/or relevant action(s) are taken by the Head Coach, Welfare Officer, by referring concerns regarding possible abuse or neglect to Children's Social Care Services/Police, providing information for their investigations and by notifying British Gymnastics. 



Membership and Payments


1.    All gymnasts must have full British Gymnastics Membership which can be purchased from the British Gymnastics Website Membership is not required for the first trial session

2.    British Gymnastics membership prices range: from £15 to £40 per annum, depending on age and level/grade of the participant

3.    The British Gymnastics membership runs from 1st of October to 30th September and  it is not refundable 

4.    All payments must be made in advance, no refund will be made for missed classes

5.    All payments must be made on the first working day of each month

6.    The club accept bank transfers  

7.    Members who have not made their payment in full ahead of the start of class, will not be allowed to join classes

8.    First/trial session is free of charge

9.    Prices and fees are based on a 4 weeks length of each month. There are no additional fees for months that             have 5 weeks, but it is reflected during gym closures such as Winter Holidays, Easter Holidays, and Bank                 Holidays etc.

10.  In the event that a class needs to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, the club will endeavour to provide a replacement class


  1. With your consent, we may take photographs or videos during training or at club events to promote the club on our website, club social media account. Coverage of  films and photos of participants will be published in line with British Gymnastics safeguarding policy

  2. In accordance with BG Child Protection Policy we will not permit photographs, video or other images of young people to be taken without the consent of the child parent (if the child is under 16).

  3. The club will take each step to ensure images are used solely for the purposes they are intended. If you become aware that these images are being used inappropriately, you should inform DKN GymnastiX immediately